Don't Be Unprepared For The
2020 IMO Marine Fuel Sulfur Cap

August 1, 2018


January 1, 2020 begins the era of the IMO 2020 Marine Fuel 0.50% Sulfur Cap


BY: Sean D. Kennedy


It has been called “the single most expensive environmental regulation the shipping industry has ever faced.”  January 1, 2020 is a date that looms large in the minds of shipowners worldwide, because that is the date on which the IMO’s new regulations significantly reducing the permissible sulfur content of marine fuel oil will take effect. New Year’s Day 2020 is the firm date set by the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (“MEPC”) for the implementation of a global sulfur cap of 0.50% m/m (mass/mass) on all bunker fuels – the “IMO 2020” rule. This represents a significant cut from the 3.5% m/m global limit currently in place for HSFO, and the market disruption that will result is a growing source of anxiety and consternation in the corner offices of shipping companies around the world.


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