Who we are and what we do

We are shipping lawyers. Shipping is the business of our clients, and our clients’ business interests always come first.

We have deep professional roots in the shipping industry, with decades of hands-on experience on the ship owner’s team. We have expertise in advising and protecting the interests of our clients with effective advice and legal problem-solving skills. We are able to bring these tools to bear in multiple countries, jurisdictions, courts and tribunals.

Our lawyers have many years of specialized training, including advanced degrees and certifications in maritime law from leading admiralty and maritime programs at respected law schools.

Our law firm has international range. We are able to serve clients in the premier shipping nations of the world and in all jurisdictions within the United States.

practice areas

We are well-equipped to handle all manner of legal issues our shipping industry clients may face.

  • Resolving charter party disputes

  • Attaching property to secure unpaid freights or hires

  • Litigating cargo claims

  • Resisting or enforcing general average or salvage claims

  • Investigating international asset transfers and piercing through fraudulent business restructurings to trace assets for the enforcement of court judgments or arbitration awards

  • Advising clients on freight tax matters and effective ownership structures of shipping assets

  • Jones Act claims

  • Vessel sales & purchases

  • Vessel allisions & collisions

  • Handling maritime arbitrations

  • Vessel arrests to enforce maritime liens

  • Investigating collision and non-collision damage claims

  • Handling crew personal injury claims

  • Dealing with claims for damage to vessels due to poor fuel quality

  • Criminal defense

  • Commercial and civil litigation

  • Representing ship owners in regulatory or judicial enforcement proceedings, including pollution and MARPOL matters and myriad other legal and commercial issues for which our shipping clients must rely on experienced and effective lawyers

Mission Statement

As advocates and advisors, we enable our clients to navigate the legal system to find ways to accomplish their business objectives quickly, effectively, and economically. Our experience and expertise allow us to mobilize and act quickly. We know that in shipping there are times when legal questions must be answered without delay. We have that capacity.

Effective legal support is as essential to a shipping business as good technical, crewing, marine operations, and commercial management. We are part of our clients’ team. We know the high costs and risks of shipping, and we endeavor to always deliver good value for our clients by providing our services at very reasonable and competitive rates.


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